You’ve tried all the diets.  Maybe  even saw a little success, but the pounds just crept right back on.  You’ve tried exercise, but the programs are either too hard, ineffective or so boring you stop doing them.

This time is different!

Christmas Dinner

This is me at my heaviest – 252 lbs.

This time is different because you’re here. That tells me you care. You need to lose weight. You need to be healthy.  And, you know you need a little help to light the path.  You need a personal trainer that gets you.I was a yo-yo dieter myself. Each time I put the weight came back on, I would find myself heavier than I was the time before.

I was a yo-yo dieter myself. Each time I put the weight came back on, I would find myself heavier than I was the time before. Finally at 255 lbs, I cracked the code.

I had met the love of my life and I wanted to propose.  This was a big deal for someone who’d not been married for 17 years.  She loved me despite the fact I was at 37.5% body fat.  I wanted to be worthy of that love and I didn’t feel like I was the man she deserved.  In fact, being pre-diabetic and having  horrible blood lipid ratios meant I wouldn’t be around for her.  How could we grow old together if I wasn’t around for it?

On My Way

This is me after I’d gotten started living a more healthy and fit lifestyle (Warrior Dash).

I set a goal. I shared my goal. I spent each day working toward that goal.  I met my goal.  And then I set another.

I also started working to educate myself by becoming an NASM certified personal trainer. I didn’t really think I would train people. I just wanted to train myself. I kept going with this health and fitness nutrition by earning specialties in Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition.


Tough Mudder

This is me after I figured out how to get healthy and fit and stay that way (Tough Mudder).

Over 11 months, I lost 50 lbs.  I dropped my body fat down to 19%.  I went from being a frumpy couch potato to completing a Tough Mudder with my daughter.  But more importantly, I found a passion for health and fitness.  I found a part of me I had lost years ago.  I wanted to do for others what I had done for myself.

The changes in me started getting attention of the people around me. The main question was, “How did you lose all that weight?”

The answer I gave didn’t satisfy them. It really is easy to lose weight. The problem is, the way you’d need to do it is different from how I did it. That’s why most diets and exercise programs don’t work for the long-term. They weren’t written for you.

That’s why Forever Fitness is different. It isn’t a cookie-cutter program. It is customized to your lifestyle, constraints, and needs.

Unlike most programs you’ve done, you’ll have me. I don’t mean that as a brag, but you should know that as a client, I’ll be there for you, answering your questions, holding you accountable, and helping give you the knowledge you need to make good health and fitness choices.

Let me be your coach, lighting a path on your health and fitness journey.


Note: I am currently taking on a few new clients for One-on-One training. You can apply here:

Have a happy and healthy day!